Sell Your Accident Car For Cash In Brisbane

Posted On February 24th, 2018

Accident Cars Brisbane

The car’s been involved in an auto accident that left you with a cheque from your insurance company for your badly damaged car, and now you are left trying to get rid of the car. There is not exactly a market demand for accident cars; so, what is your best option for getting rid of your badly damaged car? The option that is a top choice is giving Eagle Car Removals a call. We buy and pay cash for accident cars.

When the car is immobile, we’ll come to pick it up. Even if you can get the car to us, why hassle? We provide our customers with free car removals during the a.m. hours, as well as the p.m. hours. We are a car buyer that doesn’t make it difficult to get rid of an accident car in Brisbane.

We also put cash in your hand for your car, so you are counting much more than the insurance cheque for the accident car. You are counting cold hard cash from Eagle Car Removals for the car. With us, we don’t waste your time making you an offer; we make quick cash offers over the phone and online. Either give us a call or visit our homepage and complete our “get a quote” form. Both ways to obtain a quote are quick and convenient.

When we buy accident cars, you even get free wrecking and recycling services. Part of Eagle Car Removal services is free car wreckers & recyclers to our customers with badly damaged or old cars that have no value. This is another way to increase that cash you get for your accident car as there are no out of pocket expenses.

When we buy cars, the process is simple. You don’t have the hassles of bringing the car to us to be appraised or get it sold. We come to you after you accept our quote which we provide over the phone or online. You also do not have the hassles of waiting for a cheque to arrive in the mail. We pay our customers cash for their accident cars on the spot.

Get a quote & schedule a free car removal by visiting our homepage to obtain a cash quote for your accident car or contact an appraiser at Eagle Car Removals at the number below. Call us on 07 3275 2178.

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