Eagle Car Removals Brisbane does away with the hassles of selling cars. For Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast car owners we don’t require inspection settings for an appraisal. Give us a call for a quote up to $9,999 that includes a free car removal. The pioneer in cash for cars and removal services

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We Buy All Car Make, Models In Any Condition – Up to $9,999

With Eagle Car Removals, you have a specialist whether you are trying to sell a used SUV, a wrecked sedan, a damaged 4×4, or any other class and condition of the car. Our team is the one that specialises in the job we perform, such as appraising sedans & SUVs. With our expertise in the removal industry and our knowledge and love for cars, car owners can expect to receive a quote that outdoes our competitors. For instant cash for cars quote for your car contact us.

Cash For Cars Brisbane With FREE Removal – Brisbane’s #1 Vehicle Buyer

Why waste time getting your car sold? We bring cash for your car to you.

We are cash for car experts that quote accurate prices for cars of any class over the phone and online, coming to you, so you don’t have to disrupt your day. Put up to $9,999 for the sale of your car to us.

Eagle Car Removals Services

    We Remove & Tow Cars in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast at No Cost

    What better way to sell your car than to a car removal company that supports the services you require and provides them for free? Many of the calls we receive are for cars that are badly damaged or do not run. Without removal companies like us, car owners would need to pay for towing their cars to the wrecker or recycler and spend tedious hours prepping the car to be accepted.

    With Eagle, we come to the location of our customers, buying their cars for cash on the spot, and providing last minute free removal services. When we buy a heavily damaged or scrap car, there are no costs involved; just cash to the owners.

    Don’t Dispose of Your Car – Have A Free Eco-Friendly Disposal with Us

    You have eco-friendly car disposal as we recycle scrap, damaged, wrecked, and old cars. Your concerns of polluting the environment with hazards created from your car or parts of your car landing in a landfill, or an open plot. We are eco-friendly car recyclers that are so eco-friendly we recycle everything right down to the tyres of the car and its oil. All liquids that cannot be recycled will be contained properly and disposed of safely.

    Who we are

    Eagle Car is a removal company that is in business to stay. We have years of experience and a history of making car selling experiences second to none. Our company is one that is built on integrity; and, our team of specialists provides only the best support when selling cars. We are a removal company that provides a carefree way to sell cars of any class, make, and condition.

    We are a removal company that strives to be above our competition. We do this through our professionalism and the prices we quote for cars as well as the services we provide. When we make cash quotes for cars, we do so over the phone or online, so there is no time wasted scheduling unnecessary appraisals. The cash prices we offer for cars are not fixed but based on the various factors of cars that add to their value.

    We care about the community and treat it with the dignity it deserves by providing car owners with eco-friendly disposals.

    For more information on the services Eagle provides car sellers, please contact us at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained through our “Get a Quote” form at the top right or at the number provided below. All quotes from cars for sale provided by Eagle are non-obligational. We are in all Brisbane Suburbs as Archerfield, Logan, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and much more.

    Information:  For more information relating to handing over the number plates and car license cancellation visit  QLD GOV

    Get up to $9,999 cash for cars of any make and condition by contacting us.

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    Why Choose Our Car Removal Company?

    Cash-for-cars companies are the best way to sell used cars. Eagle Car Removals is a cash-for-cars company that pays up to $9,999 for cars. We provide services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our excellent customer service has earned us a good reputation. 

    Eagle Car Removals offers excellent deals. We aim to provide high-quality services at a fair price and help you save money by removing unwanted vehicles immediately. So you can use that money elsewhere instead of on repairs or maintenance.

    Services Offered

    Eagle Car Removals is the premier cash car service in South Brisbane. We are dedicated to offering you top-dollar cash for car service. We strive to ensure that you receive the highest possible price for your car by conducting a detailed inspection of your vehicle before offering you a quote

    Our services include:

    Free Removal Services

    We take away your car without charging any additional fees!

    We are a professional towing company that specializes in vehicle removals. We will take your car away without charging you extra fees. Other companies charge a lot of money to remove your vehicle, but we don’t. Our services are affordable and reliable. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency service.

    Instant Cash Pays Off

    Get cash in hand immediately after selling your car with us!

    You’re probably wondering if we can offer instant cash for your car. The answer is yes, and we can give you money on the spot. We know that’s what you’re looking for when you sell a used car or truck. You want to get paid with no hassle and no waiting around. We’ll buy any vehicle in any condition, even if it has been wrecked or totalled. You don’t have to worry about having problems with our process or service because we have made things simple and convenient for all our customers.

    We Buy Any Car

    We purchase all types of vehicles even if they don’t run anymore!

    We will buy any car or truck, regardless of its condition. We can help you sell a damaged car, though. In some areas, we offer free towing services, so you won’t have to worry about driving your car. When we arrive, our experts will inspect your vehicle and give you a quote. We’ll pay you immediately after agreeing on a price.


    What types of vehicles do you purchase? 

    We’ll buy any car from any year in any condition, whether it’s a car, truck, van, or SUV, whether it’s new or old, in excellent or poor condition, running or not, or even a total wreck. We also purchase classic automobiles. 

    What if I cannot locate my keys? 

    We can still buy your vehicle, but it may affect the price we quote you. Please call for more information. 

    How long will it take to sell my vehicle? 

    We can typically buy your vehicle within 24 hours. 

    How and when am I compensated? 

    When we collect your automobile, we pay you on the spot. 

    Are there any concealed fees? 

    No, never! You receive the promised payment amount. Period.

    Do you accept CASH? 

    Yes, unless the purchase price is extremely high, in which case we will pay by bank draft, certified check, wire transfer, or cash at any location – your choice! 

    Can you buy my car today? 

    Yes, provided we are not at capacity. Typically, the time between a customer’s initial inquiry and a completed transaction is less than two hours.

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