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Are you ready for a legitimate buyer that offers a quick and profitable way to sell cars in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast? Look no further.

Eagle Car Removals is your leading buyer in Queensland. We buy cars of all makes and conditions, paying car owners up to $9,999 cash for cars. When we buy a car, the sell is one that is profitable, quick, and convenient. Get a top dollar quote and services that make selling your car an experience that is second to none. Contact us for a quote.
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Sell Cars of Any Make & Condition in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, & Gold Coast

That is exactly what we offer. Car owners that have had a hard time selling their cars can rely on a quick and profitable sale to Eagle Car Removals. Scrap, wrecked, or damaged car owners that are unsure of their options for selling cars can depend on us to provide their best option.

We are cash for cars buyer in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast that pays up to $9,999 and assures services that provide for a convenient car selling experience.
With us, there is no need to:

  • Fix or repair your car for us to make you an offer. We make fair cash offers on cars “As Is,” so car owners have no expense when selling their cars to Eagle Car Removal Brisbane.
  • There is no need to polish the car. We only ask that you remove all personal belongings before our removal technician arriving.
  • There is no need to go to the expense of advertising for a buyer, nor will you waste time dealing with potential buyers. With Eagle Car Removals, we are your buyer, committing to buy your car over the phone or online, and we don’t waste time once we arrive to purchase the car. We quickly inspect, buy, & remove the car.
  • There is no need for concern that you don’t have a legitimate buyer. Not only do we provide all the necessary paperwork for a legitimate sale, we provide car owners with an instant cash payment up to $9,999 for their cars. Know what we’ll offer you for your car before we arrive by calling us for a cash quote.

When We Buy Cars, We Remove Them from Anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast at No Cost to Car Owners

When we are your car removal company of choice, we do our best to provide the most convenient services along with our cash payout for your car. Our removal company is one that schedules car collections at times convenient for our customers and brings the cash with them when they arrive.

Don’t wait for your cash payment, and don’t wait days to get your car removed. Call us for a cash quote.

Your Scrap, Damaged, Old or Wrecked Car Will Be Recycled

At Eagle, we believe in keeping the environment green. When cars are disposed of in a landfill or open plot, the consequences to the environment are hazardous. With us, we provide eco-friendly car recycling that leaves a minimal imprint on the environment. Go green with your car disposal with us.

You can trust our reliable sell your cars services.

Eagle Car Removals is Brisbane’s go-to shop when selling cars because of their profitable valuations and convenient transaction process. 

If you are anywhere in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast, or by the Gold Coast, call us for an appointment and set a schedule to collect your car at the most convenient time. You never have to wait as payment will be provided to you immediately when we arrive to get your car.

Buying damaged cars for eco-friendly disposal procedures

If your worry lies with your car being too damaged, Eagle Car Removals assures you that even if it is old and wrecked, you can still sell it to us and get a top-dollar quote after inspection. In addition, there may be some metals that we can use, even if the vehicle is beyond repair.

As a legitimate buyer, our disposal procedure is eco-friendly, as we love Brisbane’s green environment just the way it is. We avoid landfill or open area disposal that usually harms the environment.

With a recycling protocol that leaves a minimal mark on the community’s green land, you have our complete assurance that Eagle Car Removals will handle your car with careful and professional hands.

Sell it, and never worry about anything else.

You do not need to have your car polished or pay additional expenses to repair some parts. Eagle Car Removals will buy it just the way it is. We will have a team quickly inspect the vehicle, discuss it with you, and then purchase and remove it from your property.

Providing instant payments of up to $9,999 worth of cash, we will issue the necessary paperwork and files to prove a legitimate sale. 

If you need to get rid of an old car, sell it to us now.

As Brisbane is the center of Asia-Pacific’s innovation and research centers, it is only natural that its automotive technology also experiences transitions to better models and designs. With Eagle Car Removals, the need and want to timely upgrade is made easier and possible.

If you feel like selling your car now that it still has good value, or if you want to get rid of older models to buy a new one or because they are already idle, call us at 0468 922 632 for a first-class service.


What documents are needed and required to sell my car?

You need documents to prove that you are the owner. Aside from your proof of ownership, you can also bring the registration papers or other files that prove ownership.

I lost my documents. What should I do?

You could still bring the vehicle application and registration certificates if you lost your proof of ownership documents. Any document that can prove that you are the owner is deemed valid.

Can I sell a car that is not registered to me?

You cannot. The owner should be the one to contact us and request the removal. If you have more questions regarding this matter, you may contact us at 0468 922 632 for clarification.

How much do I get for a car that I want to sell?

We buy cars for as much as $9,999. Depending on many factors, our inspection team will be able to give you an estimate after checking it. Consider calling us so we can provide you with the best option.

My car has extensive damage. Is it still eligible for cash for cars?

Yes, we are also buying damaged cars. We will need to inspect the damage and further discuss the matter with you to come up with an agreement that is both profitable and more convenient for you.

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