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Are you looking to sell your old, damaged, or unwanted truck? Normally, it is not easy to sell a vehicle in that condition. However, you do not have to dump your truck in the garage or the backyard to rust. Instead, you can sell it off to one of the well-known Truck Wreckers and get the top cash amount. 

Keep in mind that whether your truck is wrecked, flood-damaged or fire-damaged, it can still fetch a good price for its scrap metals and spare parts. At Eagle Car Removals, we buy all types of trucks in the service areas including, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and other places by paying a lucrative cash amount.

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We Buy Any Types of Trucks, Make, and Model

The used car market in Australia is intensely competitive and full of dubious truck dealers. Consumers approaching old truck dealers mostly do not get the deserving price due to misinformation and inadequate price quotes. Instead of getting into unwanted negotiations and losing out your money, consult reputable Truck Wreckers for a proper valuation and the best price for your truck. At Eagle Car Removals, we accept trucks in any condition, be it scrap, wrecked, accident-damaged, old, fire-damaged, salvage, and more.

Besides, we buy trucks of any make or model, including:

  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • Hummer
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Nissan
  • Subaru
  • Toyota and more.

If you talk to us regarding selling your car, we will ensure that you have a highly satisfactory selling experience, get the best price for your truck, and free truck removal. We are one of the leading Truck Wreckers and offer our services to local citizens in many service areas for a long time.

Get Up to $9,999 by Selling Your Truck

By hiring our services and selling your truck to us, you can get as much as $9,999 cash for your standard or automatic transmission truck. There are various types of trucks in the Australian market, such as Tow and Tilt Truck, Tray Truck with Flat Deck, Box Trucks, Tipper Body Truck, and Fridge Body Truck. No matter which of these trucks you own, you can get the top cash price and a hassle-free process. While dealing with the best Truck Wreckers like Eagle Car Removals, you do not have to go through undesirable negotiations and the tedious documentation process, as we will do everything on your behalf.  

Easy Three-Step Process to Sell Your Truck

You can follow the simple steps below to complete your car-selling process:

    1. Give us a call and describe the condition of your truck, its make model, and age. Then an appraiser will evaluate your truck. 
    2. After the assessment, we will offer you an instant quote. Based on your approval of the quoted price, we will initiate the final step.  
  • In this step, we will tow away your truck to the junkyard for free.  

Overall, our simple process will make sure you have a smooth and memorable car-selling experience.

Car Removals Protect and Not Wreck 

Car removal companies aim to have a sustainable function for a truck that is not useful for others. Therefore, we give the truck’s parts and other valuable functions a second life. 

We are making a modest living by finding old things that can still function in the future. In addition, it reduces unnecessary scrap and the wrong way of truck disposal. 

  • Second-Hand Services. Eagle Car Removals also purchase working condition cars. If it is running, you can also sell it. We will find the second owners of your unwanted car to maximise the life of every vehicle. 
  • Car Removals Services. There is also a car removal service for smaller vehicles. Again, the make, model and condition do not matter. If you are selling it, we are buying it. 
  • Cash for 4WD, SUV and Buses Services. We also accept other kinds of larger vehicles. For example, we can also accommodate buses, SUVs, and 4WD types of automobiles. 

Our company can tow, dispose of ethically and salvage working parts and materials that can be recycled. 

How to Sell Your Car 

There are basic things to do to earn cash for your old truck. 

  • Give the details of your truck so we can give our fair appraisal. Being keen to detail helps us provide a more accurate and reasonable offer. Our highest bid can reach up to $9,999. 
  • If you agree to the offer, choose the schedule and location for your truck to be towed.
  • Instantly get the cash. We can send the money through online banking or give it to you in cash. 

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Eagle Car Removals are always at your service to help remove unwanted vehicles for free. Earn while reducing trucks on your property. 

Remember that rusty vehicles release toxins that harm our health and the environment. Do not contribute to that, and choose the more beneficial option for all. 


How do you know that cash for a car company is trustworthy?

As a customer, it is vital that you check the company you are dealing with. To know the status of Eagle Removals, you can check their online reviews, the website, and, most importantly, the customers’ feedback. 

You must be sure those you are dealing with are safe and reliable.  

What are the cars that you buy? 

Eagle Car Removals accept all kinds of cars, trucks, vans, 4x4s and even SUV. Any vehicle you sell, we will buy.

We will buy it no matter the brand, maker, or condition. We expand beyond specific brands. 

What car condition are you accepting? 

We buy any car condition. We accept running, flooded cars, unregistered cars, and wrecked, junk, scrap, old rusty and unwanted vehicles. 

How do you make a fair appraisal? 

We always consult with professional appraisers. They consider the car’scar’s condition, make, model, odometer, drivability and other minor details like paperwork and if the keys work to make the ignition work.

If a car is no longer drivable, we usually check the worth of individual parts and materials. 

Remember that car dealers and other car removal services have fixed rates. They do not look at the car’s condition and drivability. Therefore, they will pay the same amount regardless of the market value for parts. 

Can I have multiple trucks removed? 

Yes, we can arrange a towing service to get all your old wrecked cars out of your backyard. Just call us and coordinate the best time for us to pick- up the trucks. 

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Now, you already know that the process of selling a wrecked truck is not hard anymore. You need not bear expenses for the maintenance of your truck, if you decide to sell, on advertisements for a buyer. We will cover everything you need, starting from a transparent assessment to an excellent price. 

As one of the top-tier Truck Wreckers in Queensland, we have built our reputation by providing exemplary customer service. You will always get comprehensive services and assistance from the team of Eagle Car Removals. Call us today to sell your truck at 0468-922-632. You can also get an immediate cash quote by providing your basic personal information in this online form

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