What to Do with A Flooded Car: Steps to Take

Posted On March 3rd, 2020

Whether your car’s been flooded due to nonstop, heavy rains or there’s been a leak due to problems with one of the door seals or with an open window, water damage can lead to extreme deterioration of a car.

If your car’s been damaged in the flood and you’re not sure how to deal with it, then this guide from Eagle Car Removals Brisbane is for you. 

What to do Flooded Car

How to Deal with A Flood Damaged Car?

  • Do Not Attempt to Start the Car 

The worst thing you can do to a flooded car is to try to start it. You do not want muddy water to get into the engine, transmission or fuel system and making the problem worse. If you need to move the car to a different location, your only option is to have it towed. 

Whatever you do, do not attempt to start your car until the water damage has been resolved and you’re a 100% sure that the key systems have been drained of water and the mechanic gives you the go ahead to start the vehicle. 

  • Remove as Much of The Water from the Car as Possible 

The longer your car’s left in the water, the greater the damage caused. Your priority should be to get rid of the water as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hire a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suck out the water. Caution: Do not use a regular vacuum cleaner as there’s a high risk of you getting an electric shock.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are made specifically for use in damp and wet conditions, unlike standard cleaners. 

  • Hire A Qualified Mechanic to Assess the Extent of Damage 

It’s a smart idea to hire a highly experienced mechanic to take a look at your car and give you the rundown of the damage. The mechanic will also be able to give you a quote for the repairs to be made and you can then decide if it’s even worth going to the trouble to fix the car.

If you find that the cost of repairs is too high or too cumbersome, you always have the option to get Cash for Your Flooded Car with Eagle Car Removals. 

Got a flooded car on your hands? Don’t want to waste time, money or effort fixing it up and getting it road worthy? Just give Eagle Car Removals a call.

We will come to your location, pick up and tow away the car for free. What’s more, we’ll put the cash for the purchase of your car in your hands before we take it away. Sell your old, broken, scrap or damaged car today. 

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