Headlight Maintenance from Eagle Car Removals Brisbane

Posted On November 13th, 2017

Having headlights in good condition is essential, especially before heading out on a road trip. Good headlights mean better visibility; while dim headlights can mean a risk of hazards. Drivers must have good visibility when driving, especially at night. Eagle Car Removals offers the following information on caring for your headlights.

Don’t Let Them Burn

Over time, headlights dim and burn out. For safety purposes when the headlight bulbs are at the end of their lives, replace them before they burn out.

Change in Pairs

When changing one headlight bulb, change the other. Replacing headlight bulbs in pairs is essential for an even field of vision for drivers. One dim light and one bright light will cause distraction on the road.


Headlight bulbs aren’t just headlight bulbs. There are different qualities of bulbs. As a suggestion upgrade your headlights as they will help to increase the visibility better. The better the headlights, the further down the road drivers can see, alerting them to objects in the road, hazardous drivers, etc. Ask your auto shop technician for bulbs that provide better down road visibility with whiter light.

Headlight bulbs are a component of cars that are easy to change, so there is no need to neglect headlights by thinking you have to bring them into the shop to have them replaced. Before replacing your car headlight bulbs, consult your owner’s manual for your car for the proper procedures and necessary tools as well as safety precautions.

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