Top Tips to Keep Your Car Cool During the Scorching Summer Months

Posted On November 6th, 2018

With warm weather, the road can call. It’s a time of year where road trips are drivers look forward to taking. Vacations and weekend getaways are planned. The unexpected trip to the pool or treats at the yogurt shop is more enjoyable than ever. The warm weather is a time that drivers enjoy being on the rood. Enjoy the weather with these tips from Eagle Car Removals to keep your car cool during the warm weather.

Park in The Shade as Much as Possible

This summer, keeping yourself cool is sure to be on the agenda; with that in mind, it is also important to keep your vehicle cool. When parking the vehicle, park in a shady spot. Shade protects the car from direct sunlight, keeping the hot sunrays out from scorching the interiors of a vehicle. Depending on the interiors of the car, such as leather seats, parking in a shady spot such as in a parking garage or under a tree may mean the difference of being scorched should your seats be leather.

Use A Window Cover

Using a window shade will help protect your vehicle from heat, as well as the hot weather elements attacking the interiors of your car. Window shades cool down the interior of the car as well as protect the interiors of the vehicle, including the dashboard, the steering wheel, windshield, console, etc. Warping and cracking are reduced, and the interiors are kept cooler.

Crack the Windows

Cracking the windows of your car one to two inches will help to vent the hot air out of the vehicle and keep the interiors cool. Keeping the windows rolled up when parked is making your vehicle a sauna.

Check Your Tyres

During the hot weather months, it is essential to check the air pressure of the tyres of your vehicle. Tyres loss air pressure during the heat; and driving on low pressure increases the risk of blowouts, as well as affects the cars handling and braking.

Top Up Coolant

The proper level of coolant is essential during the warm months. Check the coolant level in your vehicle regularly and top it up when necessary.

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