What Happens After You Sell Your Old Car to a Auto Wrecker?

Posted On August 17th, 2019

From receiving an Instant Cash for Cars payment to a Free Car Removal, selling your Old Car to a Car Wrecker has many benefits. But in addition to being a convenient and beneficial service, Car Wreckers also play a very important role in protecting the environment. Each year over 500,000 ‘end of life’ vehicles are taken off the road, many of which any up at the landfill to the detriment of the environment. To avoid contributing to chemical runoff, air pollution, soil pollution and more – Australians are choosing to Sell Their Car to Car Wreckers as an Eco-Friendly option when getting rid of their Old Car.

Sell Your Old Car Brisbane

Reusable Parts Are Pulled

Although Old, Junk or Scrap cars can no longer be driven, they can still hold a lot of valuable components that are still in good shape. After your Old Car is towed to the Car Wrecking yard, it will be mined for parts. Auto Parts that appear to be in good condition will be cleaned, tested, reconditioned and refurbished. Interior components such as axles and batteries as well as exterior body panels and tyres will be recused. Not only can your Old Car’s solid parts be reused but many of the fluids that remain can be recycled including antifreeze and refrigerant. All the Used Auto Parts that are pulled provide an affordable alternative for drivers handling their own vehicle repairs.

Why Auto Recycling is Important?

After removing reusable Auto Parts, a car is typically broken down for its highly valuable scrap metal which can be put to many different uses. Iron, aluminium and steel can be crushed, melted down and reused for various manufacturing purposes including the production of new cars. This is an important process in protecting the environment because helps to preserve natural resources and reduces the environmental impact.

Car batteries and vehicle fluids and disposed of separately to other Auto Parts to make sure that toxic chemicals don’t pollute the environment. Components of car batteries and vehicle fluids can also be recycled to reduce emissions and other manufacturing costs.

How to Sell Your Old Car to Brisbane’s Top Car Wrecker

Eagle Car Removal is Brisbane’s Trusted Car Wrecking company, offering an eco-friendly way to sell and remove your vehicle for Top Dollar. Our Cash for Cars process is provided with integrity, dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction. To Sell Your Car for Cash easy and fast with Eagle Car Removal, simply follow these steps:

  1. Call us for a quote. We can provide an ‘Instant Quote’ online without needing to see your vehicle.
  2. Receive Your Top Cash for Cars Payment. You will be paid on the spot with your highly competitive offer as guaranteed.
  3. Receive Your Car Removal Brisbane wide. Within minutes your vehicle will be towed away free of charge and taken to our Car Wrecking Facility where it will be wrecked, recycled and reused.

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