What to Do with an Old Car in Brisbane That Won’t Run Anymore?

Posted On September 28th, 2019

When a car stops working, you can fix it or get rid of it. But even when you get rid of an old car, you want to make sure you do so with care – like choosing to Sell Your Car for Cash in Brisbane.

It is a Hassle Selling an Old Car Online in Brisbane

The reason is very simple – you have to pay a website to place an old car online to sell it. Sure, you can get a free listing for your car on free sites like Gumtree. However, even these sites give preferential space – space that sells cars – to those users who pay for it. 

Sell Your Old Car in Brisbane

So what are your options when you have an old car or a wrecked car you’d really like to see leave your garage?

You can consider contacting and selling your car to a cash for car dealer in Brisbane. Cash for car dealers pays you cash for your car – upfront. This is why so many customers are making a beeline to them today. 

They give you a quote in the morning and generally will inspect your car and pick it up by the evening itself. Same day quote and cash for car sale are what they specialise in.

Cash For Car Dealers in Brisbane are also Auto Wreckers 

What this means is they buy your car for its spare parts and metal body primarily. They sell these parts online or direct to garages and mechanics in Brisbane. 

What little money they make, they share a percentage with you. 

Cash for Car Dealers will pay you to take your car away for you

Normally, it would cost you around $65 to get an old car towed to a wrecker. Cash for dealers who also double up as wreckers will provide the service to you for FREE.  

Cash for Car Dealers are a dime a dozen – so how do you choose a dealer that’s right for you?

Start by looking at dealers whose values match yours. For example, you may want a speedy settlement of cash. In this case, choose a dealer who offers it. 

If your need isn’t speed but polite and courteous service, then choose a dealer whose value states this.

Eagle car removals is a well-established car removal service in Brisbane.

Customer-focused, we pick up our car from your residence saving you the cost of a tow. Friendly, polite and approachable – we can organise a FREE Quote for you over the phone plus arrange pick up today itself!

To sell your car to us, please call our hotline on 0468 922 632 or email info@eaglecarremovals.com.au

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