Is It Legal to Sell an Unregistered Car in Brisbane?

Posted On November 27th, 2018

Do you have an unregistered car (rego expired) that you would like to sell, and are wondering whether it is legal to do so? The short answer is yes. In Queensland, it is legal to sell your unregistered car without a safety certificate. That said, there are paperwork and documents that need to be in order to ensure a complete and legal car sale when selling an unregistered vehicle.

What Is The Process To Sell An Unregistered Car, Truck or Van in Brisbane?

While selling an unregistered car is legal in Brisbane, the sale will have to follow the regulations set up by the Queensland Government. The Government requires that certain pertinent information be provided at the time of the sale to ensure there are no complications or discrepancies in the future regarding the legality of the sale.
If you are interested in selling your unregistered car for cash, make sure you have the following information:

  • The date of the sale.
  • The make and model of the car being sold.
  • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), chassis number or the engine number.
  • Signature from both the involved parties (buyer and seller).

Often, all the above-mentioned information can be found as part of the sales contract or sales transaction receipt. But, it’s always advisable to double check your paperwork to ensure all the necessary information has been furnished.

Selling Your Unregistered or Registration Expired Car To Eagle Car Removal

At Eagle Car Removals, we’ve been in the business of buying used, scrap, old and damaged cars for many years. Our extensive experience is your advantage. When you sell your unregistered car to us, we know what the required paperwork are and can get them ready for you, making the entire car selling process quick and easy.

No Time Wasted

We provide Instant Cash for Cars quotes over the phone. So, all you need to do to get a top cash offer from us is to give us a call and you’ll have a quote within minutes.

No Money Wasted

We aim to provide car sellers with a no-expense car sale. By providing free car removals, we ensure you don’t have to spend money on having the car towed to us.

No Effort Wasted

We don’t expect you to do all the complicated paperwork. Being experts in the Car Removal industry, we offer free paperwork, making the sale hassle-free and simple for you. All you need to do is sign the paperwork to complete the sale.

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